Leavers 2019

Thank you everyone who made our Leavers Service so special.

As we go now from this moment

As we go into the future together

May we treasure one another

May we realise how precious we are

Below are the videos shown in today’s service.

Year 6 Leavers Event

Thanks to the £234.63 raised through their own efforts both in the Dragon’s Den project and the Summer Fair, Year 6 had a great time at the Lincoln Water Park followed by a party with their friends back at school.

Thank you Mrs Seal for an amazing cake and to all parents for our lovely new flag which we raised this evening for the first time.

Swimming Gala

Another great event for the Scampton School calendar is the now annual Swimming Gala. Great to see how pupils skills in the water have progressed. Well done everyone!

interior of public swimming pool. Lanes of a competition swimming pool


Thanks to a kind nomination to say what superhero staff we have at Scampton, children in Key Stage 2 won a competition, the prize for which was a visit to Eureka! We had great fun learning about many scientific areas through hands on activities and exploration of the different galleries inside which used all our senses.

Great Day!

Rounders Tournament

Our last week of term began with a House Team Rounders Tournament. Perhas not quite the cricket world cup final but we enjoyed it all the same. Well done St Andrew House Team who won this year!

Singing in the Rain!

Another memorable ‘Sausage and Song’ on Friday for many reasons – great acting, great singing, brilliant scenery and props…and rain!

It didn’t dampen our spirits though and after an impromptu interval when we ran for cover and drew the raffle, we were treated to a beautiful rendition of ‘The time I spent with you’.

We’re so proud of our pupils. They reharsed, sang, performed, made scenery and props and gave everyone a night to remember with ‘A Blast from the Past’!

Dragon’s Den Sale

After securing investments into their businesses, our entrepreneurs today prepared and excecuted their hard selling of mocktails, milkshakes and fruit kebabs. Lots of hard selling and clever sales techniques resulted in profits for all businesses (after investements were repayed) as follows:

Marvelous Mocktails – £48.29 profit

Mega Milkshakes – £21.69 profit

Chocolate Dippers – £67.47 profit

When added to the £78 already made at the Summer Fair, Year 6 therefore have earned an amazing £234.63 to pay for their end of term party!

Well done and thank you to all who helped!

Music Afternoon

As we near the end of the academic year, it is great to listen to our musicians and see how they have developed their skills. We were treated to singing, piano, guitar and flute as well as percussion and glockenspiel performances by Key Stage 2. We were also delighted to listen to our new band -‘ ‘The Not Reallies’ who were our headlining act!

Thank you Mrs Harris and Mr Stephenson for the work you put in to helping our musicians.

Lights, Camera, Action!

In support of a crowdfunding efforts for a new stained glass window at Scampton Church commemorating the one hundred year relationship between the village, the church and the RAF, children today were involved in the production of a video to be used in the campaign.

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