Thanks to a kind nomination to say what superhero staff we have at Scampton, children in Key Stage 2 won a competition, the prize for which was a visit to Eureka! We had great fun learning about many scientific areas through hands on activities and exploration of the different galleries inside which used all our senses.

Great Day!


Our infants have been learning about the continents and the differences between them. They have looked at landscapes, animals and cultures. Recently they have made dioramas based on their research and will be writing stories to go with them.

Lincolnshire Show – Thursday

Following the Year 5/6 triumphant visit to the show on Wednesday, Year 3/4 visited on Thursday to enjoy what the show has to offer. Lots of hands on learning opportunities throughout the day made for a really worthwhile trip.

The Big Day.

The weather held all day for the children of the Americas class as they visited the Lincolnshire Show. It was a great day of experiences,fun and games. The Year 6s presented to judges in the morning and had their show garden judged at midday. By 2 pm the judges gave their verdict… a very creditable third place certificate for Scampton School’s very first show garden. Thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff who made today possible.

Ready and raring to go!

After months of planning, planting, pricking out, potting on and nurturing, our Lincolnshire Show Celebration Garden entry is complete. From growing our seedlings under artificial lights early on this year and learning about the 150 yearhistory of the Lincolnshire Show, today our Year 6 pupils went to the showground to plant a celebration garden and display all they have found out about pollination, fertilisation, soil types and more. Tomorrow they will present to a panel of judges in the hope of some success in the School Challenge.

If you are at the show – have a look both in the Horticultural Area and the Exhibition Hall.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Despite some heavy rain showers, infant pupils had a great day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park today. We saw all sorts of animals – lions, rhinos, lemurs, giraffes, zebras and polar bears to name just a few. We also had a lesson which helped us learn about the things different animals have that make them suited to different habitats.

Trains of the future

It has rivaled HS2 in the time it has taken to get our trains built and running but we’re nearly there! Lots of skills and knowledge involved here from nets to circuits to gearing and friction.

Class Asia Blow their top!

Over the last few weeks, Class Asia have been making ‘cinder cone’ type volcanoes out of a plastic bottle, thick card, papier-mâché and paint. They all concentrated and worked really hard to replicate the real thing.

Today was the day the children were most excited about as the models were ready to ‘erupt’. Everyone took it in turns to pour the vinegar and red food colouring into thier volcano, then they carefully  put a couple of teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda into the liquid and waited patiently for a few moment before it burst with a bubbling red’lava’ pouring all over the cone and rocks. They looked brilliant.

The infants were really interested in what we were doing, so they came out and sat down to watch some volcanoes erupt all over again, with a running commentary from some children from Class Asia.

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