Sundried Tomato and Basil Bread

Following a recipe carefully enabled us to make some delicious basil and sundried tomato bread.



It’s not just water that can push upwards when an object falls slowing it down. Air can do the same. Our experiment today showed that the bigger the parachute, the greater the air resistance (or upthrust) slowing the fall.


Young Voices

What an amazing evening we had at Sheffield arena singing amongst 4,527 children and singers Sharlene Hector, Beau Dermot and Tony Hadley. Along day of traveling and rehearsing was rewarded with a spectacular performance that culminated in a finale of songs from the Greatest Showman. This was most definitely ‘The Greatest Show’.

Play in a day

While some pupils were preparing for the Young Voices, others prepared, practiced and performed a play in a day – ‘The Lament of the Green Bean’. This play raised questions about the food choices we make in the UK and how these impact on other countries around the world and global warming. Great team work made a great performance at the end of the day.



A few science experiments to start the new term:

Does it take more effort to lift something in water than in air?

Do all things made of the same material float?

Is the weight of an object cause things to float or sink?

Do you need the same amount of force to pull things over different surfaces?

Global Warming Assembly

We are always delighted for pupils to prepare and lead our assemblies. Well done to the Year 3 and 4 pupils who in their own time put together an assembly about an issue that is important to them – Global Warming.

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