We will remember them.

This week we were joined by four clear silhouettes representing four airmen who flew from Scampton during the 1914 – 1918 war. Sitting in our classrooms, assemblies and offices there was the intended atmosphere of them being ‘There but not there’. We are honoured at Scampton School to be amongst families connected with the armed forces and grateful to all, past and present, who have contributed to the lives we live and enjoy.

There are many values on the signpost at the front of our school that reflect both reasons why people have given their lives in the past and why we should remember them. These values are the backbone of our school and provided a ‘golden thread’ for all the remembrance activities we took part in this week from selling poppies to playing the last post, from writing poetry to painting pebbles to lay round our flagpole. Respect, Thankfulness, Charity, Unity, Love, Compassion, Humility… they are all there.

We will remember them.



Open Morning

It was lovely to welcome friends old and new to our school on Wednesday this week to see us in action. We’re very proud of our school family and being able to share this makes it all the more special. Our House Captains were very good tour guides for visitors. It was interesting (especially at this time of Remembrance) to look back at past photos, events and the school log books which are currently open during two wartime periods.


To help remember the fallen, we’re making poppies in school which will support commemoration events next week.

Year 5 and 6 pupils have been constructing geometric poppies using ruler and pencil.

Magical Maths

Magical Maths is now up and running. We have an infant and junior club taking place on Thursdays. It’s not too late to join – Magical Maths will be at our Open Morning on Wednesday next week if you want to find out more.

Using ‘manipulatives’

We’re really trying to get a deeper understanding of number operations in our maths work through more use of manipulatives and hands on experience. These are pictures from a short walk through the school yesterday morning during maths sessions.

Lily and the Giant Apple!

The school were shocked to see the giant edible apple that Lily brought into school today! Nobody had ever seen an apple that big before…It was huge! We hope you enjoy eating your apple Lily, or maybe you could write an adventure about it, like James and his giant peach! 

Making Diva Lamps by Class Asia

This morning we were really busy making our Diva Lamps which we designed yesterday, ready for Diwali. We carefully rolled our air dry clay to make sure they were smooth, then using our fingers and thumbs we modelled them into the shapes we wanted.  We then carefully took our modelling tools and drew our designs on them. We also added gems to make them look beautiful and colourful. We are going to paint them next week.

Class Asia Getting Ready For Diwali

Today the children in Class Asia thought carefully about designing their own Diva lamp ready for the festival of light, otherwise known as Diwali.  This year it is on Wednesday 7th November. The children drew the shape they wanted and then decided which pattern to use. They finally coloured and labelled their drawing ready for the next step which will be to make them out of clay. As you can see from the designs we think they are going to look beautiful!

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