Cross Country (William Farr School)

In the howling wind, runners this week braved the elements to run another epic race at William Farr School. Our positions continue to climb. We’re awaiting news on how we stand in the overall competition. We’re doing well.


On Guard!

Year 2 pupils are enjoying their fencing lessons.

Emotional Writing

Just look at this as an example of emotional writing in Year 6. What an amazing journey it is from learning to hold a pencil in Reception to creating a masterpiece such as this as you near the end of primary school!


World Book Day

Celebrating the joy of books, today we came to school dressed as a character from a book and enjoyed a number of book related activities. Our ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ World Book Day Special pitted House Teams against one another with one million pounds as prize money to each house team. We were joined by a number of visitors throughout the day to share some of their favourite stories. Great Day!

Cross Country (North Kesteven)

Another great race this week, this time at North Kesteven High School. Every runner this week improved on their position from last week. This has seen our school (the smallest in the competition) move up into ninth place. Brilliant!

Book Fair

Thank you everyone for supporting the Book Fair. We hope that children were able to buy the book they were wanting. We’ll be choosing some great titles for our library too thanks to your support.


Pancake Races

Shrove Tuesday was this week. On the day before Lent we learn how Jesus resisted temptation during forty days in the wilderness. We also learn that traditionally, people made pancakes as a way to use up ingredients that might bring temptation during lent.

We mark the occasion with pancake races.

Line graphs

To help us draw, understand and interpret line graphs, we did an experiment to find out which material would keep a cup of tea the hottest for the longest. Great reading of scales today.

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