Conductors and Insulators

Electric current can only flow through certain materials. In today’s experiment we designed a fair test to see what materials do and don’t conduct electricity.


From contour lines to 3D mapping

We remember well the steep trek up and down the hill on our Residential Visit to Boggle Hole. We also remember the dramatic, curved coastline and clifftop walk.

Using the contour lines from Ordnance Survey maps, Year 5/6 made 3D representations of the area around Boggle Hole. Can you see how we’ve made them?

Beetle Drive

Thank you everyone who supported Friday’s Beetle Drive and FOSS for organising. We enjoyed moving from table to table in a fast moving, dice game for the whole family!

Scampton does Strictly

Dancing shoes were on and taking to the floor were groups, pairs and individuals competing for the Scampton does Strictly – Children in Need trophy.

Thanks to our panel of expert judges, winners for each category were determined who will perform in tomorrow’s Children in Need Assembly.

Fireworks Poem

Have a listen to a poem about fireworks that children worked together to write today. Tomorrow, we’re going to write about fireworks in French!


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