Chocolate Bingo!

Great night again with lovely chocolate prizes on offer. Thank you FOSS for organising! Remember – it’s the FOSS and Football AGM on Wednesday at 6.30pm. Hope to see many of you there.


Design Technology in America’s Class

The children are using woodworking skills to build a chassis for the Rainhill Steam trials later in the term.

The idea is to build a electric version of the first steam locomotives that competed for the very first rail franchise.

Concentrating on minimising friction and straight line rolling is key to this section of the build.

Cross Country – Final Results!

After their final race, we are delighted to announce the following results (out of twenty schools).

Girls’ Team – 3rd Place

Boys Team – 12th Place

Overall – 6th Place

We’re really proud of all of our runners who have really pushed themselves, finished every race and represented our school with pride.


Cross Country – Week 4

We’re really proud of our runners. They are putting their all into each race and supporting one another with true team spirit.

After week four, the boys team are in twelfth place and the girls team in second place.

Looking forward to the final race next week!

Red Nose Day

Our School Values were in fine form today for Red Nose Day. A sea of red clothing and a talent show – ‘Scampton Staff’s Got Talent’ raised money for projects taking place across the world.

We kept in our minds Farad, a young refugee whose family had to flee their own country in order to be safe. Farad’s most precious possession – an art kit had to be thrown overboard from the boat they crossed the sea in so it didn’t sink. £3 will buy him some new art equipment so he can develop his potential.

We’re not sure what to say about our staff team’s talents… they did their best!

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