Sports Day

The sun shone gloriously on Scampton’s athletes for another successful Sports Day.

Commonwealth Games gymnast Grace Harrison inspired pupils at the beginning of the day explaining her journey to become a world class gymnast. She then worked with groups of pupils throughout the morning as part of a carousel of sctivities.

We were delighted to welcome fifteen GCSE PE students from William Farr School. They were amazing leading activities in the morning and supporting the range of individual competitive events taking place throughout the afternoon.

Our family picnic was well attended, a great time to spend together as a School Family and after that we enjoyed the tension and excitement that individual competition brings.

Well done to St Andrew House Team for winning the team competition and to all comptetitors – medalists and runner up – you were great!

Thank you to everyone for your contribution to the day. FOSS for the refreshments, the help from parents setting up and clearing away and the staff team who worked so hard. The stars of the day had to be the pupils who pushed themselves and competed with such sportsmanship.

More photos to follow.


A blast from the past!

History made once again at the Church Schools Fesival. How many faces do you recognise from past Year 6 groups?

Trains of the future

It has rivaled HS2 in the time it has taken to get our trains built and running but we’re nearly there! Lots of skills and knowledge involved here from nets to circuits to gearing and friction.


Picasso was born in Spain and lived most of his adult life in Spain. Junior children are currently working on portraits in the style of Picasso which will be a basis for some descriptive writing in both French and Spanish.

Year 6 SAT week

Really proud of our Year 6 pupils who last week did their best (and we ask no more) to shine in their end of Key Stage assessments. Breakfast each morning was our brain food.

Church Schools Festival 2019

Scampton’s Year 6 represented our school at the annual Church Schools Festival held in Lincoln Cathedral.

The children experienced the awesome space that is Lincoln Cathedral and learned how the Church of England is helping the fight against climate change. We took part in three workshops in the morning and celebrated with a very grown up service at the end. Our children were brilliant as always!

We met up with two old friends Bishop David (Bishop of Grimsby) and Mrs Bloom and enjoyed the peace and wonder of the minster.

Class Asia Blow their top!

Over the last few weeks, Class Asia have been making ‘cinder cone’ type volcanoes out of a plastic bottle, thick card, papier-mâché and paint. They all concentrated and worked really hard to replicate the real thing.

Today was the day the children were most excited about as the models were ready to ‘erupt’. Everyone took it in turns to pour the vinegar and red food colouring into thier volcano, then they carefully  put a couple of teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda into the liquid and waited patiently for a few moment before it burst with a bubbling red’lava’ pouring all over the cone and rocks. They looked brilliant.

The infants were really interested in what we were doing, so they came out and sat down to watch some volcanoes erupt all over again, with a running commentary from some children from Class Asia.

Cross Country Festival

A fantastic end to the cross country season today as runners took part in Year 3/4 races and a Year 5/6 relay.

Amazing effort by all and a good opportunity for some of our younger runners to have a go in the hope that they may try out for a place in the Cross Country Team in the next year or two.

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